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Edward A. Deeds—Resources

By William G. Ritchie


Arthur Morgan Remembered ,  Ernest Morgan,  1991


Build for Tomorrow,  Harry Steele Price, Sr.  1960


Grand Plans: Business Progressivism and Social Change in Ohio’s Miami Valley 1890 - 1929,

Judith Sealander,  1988


My Half Century with NCR,  Stanley C. Allyn, 1967


Boss Kettering: Wizard of General Motors,  Stuart W. Leslie, 1983


The Miami Conservancy District,  Arthur E. Morgan, 1951


Colonel Deeds, Industrial Builder,  Isaac F. Marcosson, 1947


“Deed & The Cash”, Time, December 5, 1932 (online)


“Edward Andrew Deeds”, Wikipedia (online)


“Army Aviation and the First World War”,  

            ASC History Office, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (online)


“A Close Tie”,  NCR World Sept-Oct 1970 (Dayton History Books Online)


How Safe Are We?: Flood Management in the Miami Valley,  Gayle Price, Jr., 2007


“This is the House that Deeds Built”,  The Journal Herald,  September 29, 1984


“The Great Flood: How Dayton Survived”,  Dayton Daily News,  March 25, 1988


Journey Through My Years,  James M. Cox,  1946


McCook Field, Mary Ann Johnson;  Landfall Press, 2002


Professional Amateur, T.A. Boyd; E.P. Dutton, 1957


Corporate Crisis: NCR and the Computer Revolution, William S. Anderson; Landfall Press, 1991


The Dam Battle, Joanne Duke Gamblee; Wooster Press, 2008


The Secret in Builing 26, Jim Debosse and Colin Burke; Random House, 2004


The Grand Eccentrics, Mark Berstein; Orange Frazier Press, 1996