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Edward A. Deeds—Timeline

William G. Ritchie

April 12, 2009


1874  Edward Andrew Deeds born in Granville, Ohio


1897 Graduates from Denison University as valedictorian (class of 20 students)


1898 Joins Thresher Company in Dayton


1899 Joins NCR as Factory Engineer


1902 Leaves NCR to build the “Palace of Light” Shredded Wheat plant in Niagara Falls


1903 Returns to NCR as Assistant General Manager  


1904 Deeds hires Charles Kettering from Ohio State University


1908 Kettering begins working in Deeds barn on ignition systems; Barn Gang is formed


1909  Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (DELCO) incorporated /Kettering leaves NCR


1912 DELCO sells the self-starter sold to Cadillac


1913, March Dayton Flood


1913, May Deeds chairs Flood Prevention Committee, Arthur Morgan hired


1914 Ohio Conservancy Act Passed


1914 Deeds and Kettering found the Engineers Club


1915 Deeds resigns from NCR to run DELCO full time


1916 Deeds and Kettering sell DELCO to United Motors for $9 million


1916 Deeds and Kettering incorporate Domestic Engineering Company (home lighting)


1916 Deeds and Kettering purchase the land that becomes McCook Field


1916 Deeds and Kettering incorporate Dayton Research Laboratories


1917 Helps to found Dayton Wright Airplane Company


1917 Conservancy District, leases Huffman Prairie to the Army (Wilbur Wright Field)


1917 Joins United States Army as Colonel and Chief of Aircraft production, resigns from DELCO


1918 Legal appeals closed; Miami Conservancy project construction begins


1922 Reorganizes 100 Cuban sugar farms into General Sugar Company


1923 Miami Conservancy project construction completed


1925 Becomes Chairman of Board of Niles Bement Pond (parent of Pratt & Whitney)


1928 Acquires the first private luxury airplane, Kingbird, a 10-passenger Ford Tri-Motor


1929 Builds 200-foot yacht, Lotosland, for more than $1 million


1931 Returns to NCR as President


1938 Becomes a Director of National City Bank in New York


1942 Deeds Carillon Tower is built


1957 Retires from NCR


1960 Dies at the age of 86 and is buried at Woodland Cemetery