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Maude Elsa Gardner ­–  Timeline and C.V.

Born, January 9, 1894 and raised in Brooklyn, NY
~1900 contracts hip disease; fully cured by early teens
1916 earns BA. St. Lawrence University in upstate New York
1917 Gauge Examiner for the British Ministry of Munitions of War in the U.S.A.

Inspector, US Army Signal Corps
Feb 1918-July 1918

Gage Inspector, E.W. Bliss Company Torpedo Works

Final Inspector, Pratt & Whitney
Feb 1920 – July 1920

1920 lives w/parents at 1855 82nd Street, Brooklyn. Elsa listed as a M. Engineer (assuming Mechanical Engineer) in a Machine (?) Company

E.W. Bliss Company, Main Works

Draftsman, Mergenthaler Linotype
March 1921-June 1921

Editorial Assistant, Technical Magazine
American Machinist, McGraw-Hill Co
Jan 1922 to Feb 1923

Proofreader, Globe Press, Montclair NJ
Feb 1926 – March 1927

Assistant to Test Engineers, Wright Aeronautical Corp., Paterson NJ
Sept 1927 to Dec 1927

Associate Editor, Engineering Index Publication
American Society of the Mechanical Engineers
Dec 1927 to April 1930

June 1930 to Oct 1930
Aircraft accessories research
Technical librarian, Bendix Research Corp.

Bibliographer, I. Gutman, Engineering Index
American Society of the Mechanical Engineers
Sept 1931-April 1932

Statistician, Civil Works Admin, Newark, NJ
Jan 1934 – April 1934

Scientific Aide, N.A.C.A. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
April 1934 to July 1934

Engineering Project Examiner, State of New Jersey Emergency Relief Administration
Sept 1934 to October 1935

Contributing Editor, Aero Digest Magazine
May 1930 to Jan 1936

1936, Wright Aviation Field, Dayton, OH
1941-1945, Associate Aeronautical Engineer, Bureau of
Aeronautics, U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.
1959 Bibliographic Research Consultant, residing in Wash D.C., salary $8,230

1960-62, Aeronautical Engineering, Naval Weapons Department, Washington, D.C.
died February 9, 1963 (69 years old)

1930 3 Mitchell Place, Manhattan, NY boarding house for young single women
 1932, 71 Beverley Rd., Upper Montclair, NJ
1936, The Loretto, First St. Dayton
1938, Biltmore Hotel, Main St., Dayton
1941, Mayflower Hotel, Conn Ave D.C.
1941, The York, 532-20th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
1941, 532 20th St., N.W., Washignton 6, D.C.
1942, Meridian Hill Hotel, 16th & Euclid, Washington, D.C.
“I sublet my apartment while my mother was in Florida”
1943-63, The York, 532-20th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.

St. Lawrence BA 1912-1916, specialized in mathematics
Pratt Inst. Evening School, 1918-21, Machine Design Certificate
Univ of Mich, Ann Arbor, summer 1921
New York University, Evening Engg. Div. 1922-24 and 1928-32
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1932-1933

Professional affiliations
Delta Delta Delta Fraternity 1912-1920
Society of American Military Engineers 1930  
Engineers Club of Dayton 1936
Institute of Aeronautic Sciences 1938
Started the Dayton Branch of the Inst. of the Aeronautical Sciences
Secretary, M.I.T. Club of Dayton
Secretary, Dayton Section of the A.S.M.E.
Washington Society of the M.I.T. 1941
Aero Club of Washington 1948

1939 Commendation from Lt. Gen. H.H. Arnold, chief of the U.S. Army Air Forces
Superior Accomplishment Award  1954
Superior Accomplishment Award 1959
March 16, 2005 recognized in minutes of Dayton City Commission

Herbert Gardner, 1872-?
Maude Emily Gardner, 1872-?
Henry R Gardner, 8 April 1898-March 1974
Katheryn Gardner, about 1901 – about April 1930
Allison H Gardner, about 1907-?

Partial list of publications
Aero Digest Magazine, “Digest of Foreign Technical Literature,” May 1930 - Jan 1936
Index of Technical Orders & Technical Notes of the Bureau of Aeronautics, 175 pages of 6-pt. type. I originated this and issue it twice a year (ca 1945)
Index to the BuAer Manual ca 1945

Jan 1936 to March 1941, Editor and sole writer of the “Technical Data Digest,” 40-to-50 page semi-monthly publication containing abstracts of articles or reports of French, German, or Italian, as well as English and American sources, and which I considered of interest to engineers at Wright Fld. It was distributed throughout the AirCorps as well as to other Government agencies. Without revision it was republished in the “Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences.”

TO-TN Index, Navy Dept., Bureau of Aeronautics, 1941-62
Significant American and International Awards in Aviation, Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the Navy, Published about 1948, revised February 1954 (Maude Elsa Gardner presumed author)

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