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The Wright Brothers ~ In Flight includes 1908-1909 flights in the United States, France and Italy – as well as the first motion pictures taken from an airplane. Motion pictures helped convince early skeptics that human flight was real. © 2009 Martel Art >Credits



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Dayton Innovation Legacy reveals the stories and strategies of Dayton Innovators through multimedia. This website helps educate students, uncover local history, build local pride and inspire today’s innovators. Learn how you can help build this living history resource.


What were some of the game-changing ideas that still make Dayton Dayton? ...A belief that progress is possible, and, therefore, that change is welcome.

—Fred Bartenstein, ‘Real NCR’ can’t be moved, Dayton Daily News, June 4, 2009  >>Read the article.


Our Ohio: Inventing Flightt >>Video



Our Ohio: Charles Kettering >>Video



Our Ohio: Inventive Ohio >>Video



1935 Film >>

Edward Deeds, Charles Kettering, and  Orville Wright, Edward Deeds and “Boss Kett” chat in the Engineers Club, with a brief cameo by the reclusive Wright brother in this 1935 film clip. Courtesy of the NCR archive at Dayton History. >> More


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“Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them!”

—Orville Wright